Philly GoodShepherd Needs

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While Good Shepherd is seeking to meet both the needs of its members and the Overbrook community at large immediately around, as well as the both the specific needs of the congregations and organizations with which we share our facilities -- not to mention those of you who may visit us virtually on the web -- we as a congregation who shares our facilities with other -- have our specific needs as well.  This WebSite Page, designed as a "check-off "ToDo and Done List" seeks to make known our exact and specific needs -- as well as recognizing others whose assistance we acknowledge, with thankfulness to them and to the Lord for providing for our needs.  (And even than when the Lord denies our selfish requests, because he has a greater fulfillment planned for us!)

If you are reading this WebPage on the Internet, you still may be able to help us in one or more ways:
  • With prayer
  • With your 3 Tees" talent, time and perhaps even treasure
    • Talent?   a) WebGuru? b) Theologian?  c) Google Guru?  d) YouTube Aficionado?  e)  Oracle Oracle?  f)  You Name It?
    • Time in Philly area?  a)  Roofer?  b) Electrician?  c) Drywall?  d) Painter?  e) Plumber?  f) Stained glasser?  h)  Carpenter?  i) You Name It?
    • Other?   a) Arabic?  b)  Islam guru?  c)  Hebrew?   d) Israelologist?  e) Messianic Jew?  f)  A-thiest?  g)  Agnostic?  h)  You Name It?
    • Treasure?  You Name It?
  • With Apple iMac, iPad, iPhone apps or especially Google Interactive FUSION Tables, Motion Charts and Forms development skills?
Or, if you have a "Biblical Message" that is not inconsistent with our own, perhaps we can provide an Internet Outlet?

Back to the more mundane.

Every organization has real needs, as well as wants and wished; and Good Shepherd is no exception.  Most, but not all, arise out of our desires to serve
  • Our membership and friends
  • The other church congregations with whom we share our building
  • The other non-church organizations with whom we also share our building, (which also serve...)
  • Our immediate Overbrook Community
  • The larger community of Presbyterians in our Presbytery
  • The larger community of Philadelphia and the Commonwealth
  • Indeed the whole nation and the world
So what are our specific needs the flow from these desires to serve?

1.  Building and grounds needs:

Any building approaching its hundredth birthday -- the dedicated corner stone reads 1912 -- has both old and new needs, (often arising out of "differed maintenance"), many of which are slowly being addresses, but need more rapid attention.  The two most obvious, and almost universal, -- which have been seriously addressed, but not completely, are:
  • Flat Roof, gutters and downspouts and Rain Gardens:  Although a new rubber roof (at the cost of over $15,000) has been installed over the almost 8,000 sq. ft. flat roof above the social hall and the classrooms, the "new" billing procedures of the City of Philadelphia for "storm water runoff" identifies Good Shepherds "cost" for paying for the 10,000 sq ft of "impervious" surfaces as $35 a month rising to over $75 a month -- that's $420 a year rising to over $900 to a year! (because this part of the City and County of Philadelphia has combined sower and storm drain -- most of this cost can be avoided with the disconnection of all 5 (should be 8) downspouts into "approved" Rain & Infusion Gardens, that will provide much-needed water for our acquirers, instead of pouring into the combined drains to cause the sewage treatment plant to spew raw sewage into our Chesapeake Bay waterways -- contrary to laws that EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) if finally getting around to enforcing!  (Over 700 other American cities fact the same problem, but Philadelphia is taking the lead in attempting to take the lead in addressing this problem, however timidly.)
  • Good Shepherd's 50-year steep slate roof over the sanctuary has far exceeded it life span and needs further carefull repairs and/or replacement.
  • The Heating plant:  While 10 years ago Good Shepherd modernized in heating plant, it winter fuel bills exceed $5000 a month in the coldest two months and $18,000 for the year, a financial burden the Good Shepherd cannot bare alone; fortunately the other Churches and other groups that share the building help, but thorough "winterizing" of this drafty old building helps substantially to reduce the costs.
  • Electrical System:  For those "in the know" Good Shepherd was constructed near the beginning of the electrification of building with the old "knob and tube" practices, (which still serve a small part of both the Church and the connected Manse), when the put a single electrical outlet in every room, whether it was needed or not!).  While much of the electrical system as been modernized, much of it remains to be updated to meet modern usage requirements -- not the least of which is that much of the facilities have supplemented with Ethernet cables from 4 24-port Linksys hubs for a potential of 96 computer terminals, but not electrical outlets for the same.
  • Security System:  With greatly renewed use of the "unitized" building(s) with 3 or 4 new outside doors cut through the 24" to 30" granite walls, the mysterious disappearance of many items from the building demonstrated an absolute need for a video survalence and recording system for all entrances and major hallway -- indeed the one we had not yet installed was stolen, and inside job!
  • Computer Networking:  While the partially-supplied Verizon-supplied DSL (on which we have the potential for 96 terminals (and the Cable-based network used by "our" Philadelphia Senior Service Center)... Finish this sentence here CHAS.
You can help us with new and knowledges, skills and attitudes to serving the Overbrook Community through working at tasks at Good Shepherd that will allow GSPC(USA) to better serve the Overbrook --- indeed the world -- community.  Therefore, this "page" contains rather complete task lists by occupational areas that they may wish to explore: