New Visitors Welcome

Good Shepherd is housed in a very large 100-year-old building, (the name J. Addison Hennery Memorial building is etched into the stone arch above ascending steps into the church Sanctuary) when Presbyterianism was twice its present declining size, and this congregation was many times its present size.  So we, the congregation share our wonderful facilitions with 4 other congregations and half a dozen or more other organizations, (such that total "attendance" -- if not and Sunday services -- is regularly far larger than when it was "only" a service to its "dues-paying" congregants.

You may be one of those many many non-members to regularly attend activities in our building.  We ask that you treat all our facilities with respect, since many others use and benefit from our facilities.  There are many obvious things that we ask you to do...and not do, some of which are rather obvious; however experience demonstrated that we must enumerate that we might take for grantet, except that we must also recognize that many of our new visitors are from foreign countries, where many of these are not obvious.  And, sadly, but necessarily, some are the product of broken homes and very bad environments where anti-social behavior -- let's call it what it is: pure vandalism and theft -- is not unexpected.

Below are recorded items that have proved necessary to commit to writing, which we will try to keep in alphabeticd:

Ushers and Unshering:  All organizations who meet at Good Shepherd -- not just the 4 or 5 churches and congregations must appoint Ushers