Philadelphia Presbytery: Success or Failure?

posted Mar 19, 2010, 5:27 AM by Charles Adams   [ updated Mar 19, 2010, 6:56 AM ]
Has the Presbytery of Philadelphia outlived its usefulness, perhaps recently, if not a long time ago?

Or, is there still hope for a Resurrection in a radically New (if not Glorified?) Body, that is relevant yesterday, today and tomorrow?

The corpus of Presbytery of Philadelphia may not have yet have won and been presented with its "Calvin" as the worst Presbytery in North America -- (after all the competition seem pretty keen); but considering the near perfect match of so many of it many once filled Churches to T.S. Eliott's Straw Man -- "not with a bang, but with a whimper," -- (need I publish here a table of the average church service attendance this 1st quarter of 2010 now swiftly closing with like attendance 10, 20 and 30 years ago?)  of all the Presby churches not yet closed -- just to take one "Presby Metric" -- with an equal number of high-performing congregations in the visible "Body of Christ," what would one detect?  [More...]

Instead, I'll just use the figures from one of my favorite "Philly Presby pubs" from half a century ago on a Google Map to document where the Presbytery came from and then document below, perhaps also out of sight in [more...], where many of our church buildings are "thriving" now that the Presbytery is no longer "shepherding" them.  [Still more...]

But these cold mathematical tables, of course, have little or no meaning to us Americans who are not only dumbed down in general, but especially dumbed down in Math, so I'll switch to other criteria more meaningful, perhaps less quantitative, in the Googleized world of the Internet, YouTube, Flickr, Tweeter, and  FaceBook etc.

Who is the "face" of Presbyterianism in the Philadelphia Presbytery, where []% of the population of people of color ?

Blessedly, the former "face" of the gimpy (sorry for being politically incorrect  in referring to a "challenge" not a handicap) Executive Presbyter, (but it was his intellectual challenge that disturbed me most), is gone, but who will a new face -- or better yet faces -- be any better?  [Obviously, at the nadir it must get better, but how?]