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"Home Alone" of course is a delightful "movie," or series of DVD's, for all ages that conclusively demonstrates, humorously, that it's not a good ideal to leave youths at home alone.  On a more serious level, it's not a good idea to leave people of any age "home alone" for any length of time -- especially young children and babies for even a moment!  Yet it happens.

Perhaps equally as bad, but much less visible are the millions of senior adults, Home Alone.  Loneliness happens.  .  Especially among the old and very old.  (Not to mention the in between "Latch key kids" at risk who experience no supervision between the end of school -- if they have not dropped out of school -- and the time when their parent or parents return for one, sometimes two jobs) -- with their children all too often engaging is sufficient
juvenile delinquency in some neighborhoods where as many as 80% have acquired a juvenile delinquency record with negative contacts with the police, the courts and have an assigned Juvenile Parole Officer!.  But loneliness is just one of these many pressing issues.

These three problems

Perhaps insoluble, like many of these other issues, if addressed and attempted to be solved alone.  There aren't enough caring persons to do it

 "individually" or even taxpayers' money even if government were to try to "throw money -- ours of course -- at it" because "government" will surely fail.  Again.  And again at taxpay expense.


Hal, as any moviegoer can also tell you, is the almost equally delightful computer-with-a-distinctive-voice in the movie adaptation of Arthur Clark's book 2001, who helped relieve the boredom of a long space oddasy.  Here, HAL is, appropriately, a loose League of computer literate people like yourself, who can use computers and the Internet to help address the problems of "Home Alone Loneliness" -- and other related issues
.  Especially for the chronically lonely: the elderly, who are all too often and all too many without work or recreation, family or friends, purpose or hope.  Enter the Senior Bureau.

Senior Center Bureau

Good Shepherd, see our address and a map on the homepage, has joined forces with Christina Randell and her mission to create not just another Senior Center with "custodial care" but a Senior Center Bureau where senior can indeed, (Divine?) Providance provided Christina, who was looking for a "place" where seniors were "under-served" and a place to house them, "provided" such a place just across the street from where she lived -- almost next to Vincent's Pizza) where one youth program was vacating a large facility in Good Shepherd's "old" after-school and pre-school that had been an "over-flow" program for Overbrook Presbyterian that used "Papa Playground" Recreation Center that housed, among other things, 10 computers, in a barrier-free place perfect for her Senior Center Bureau, exactly at a Metro 31 bus stop at Lansdowne Ave and N. 65th Street (and just 3 very short blocks from the Metro 65 Bus stop at Lansdowne and N. 66th Street!).  So seniors along those bus lines can ride free to and from the Senior Center Bureau, just one block from Cassidy Elementary School form whose population Sports and Learning drew, for which the Senior Center Bureau can provide after-school tutoring and mentoring.  (Seniors will use the same "Blue Door" enterance that is now also used by the barrier-free Voter Precinct sidewalk and door.


Besides the loneliness of a

Elder and Child Abuse