Jeffersion's Wall

Jefferson's Wall: Not Oliver's But Tom's... And Ours!

Thomas Jefferson, while President of the United States, wrote in 1802, just [] years after the U.S. Constitution of 1889 -- largely written by Jefferson's very close friend, James Madison, --, but ONLY adopted after Jefferson's insistence of the addition of the 12 -- but sadly reduced to 10 -- Bill of Rights, to replace the the "colonial government's" Articles of Confederation, adopted by the United Colonies/State -- in Perpetual Union -- an obscure Letter to the Baptist Church  to assaure these threatened Danbury Baptist Association that the antidisestablishmentarianism of the powerful established churches, in their unholy alliances with State governments would NOT be allwed to breach "the wall of seperation" that was recently enected by the first amendment -- freedom of religion, (among other things) would not be breached, to the determent of other "organized" relligions, like the Baptists, of the "Visible often Warring" sects of the "invisible" Church Universal," the socalled "Body of Christ."

Yes, the Renaissance Man, Jefferson, was just as much a theologian as patriot, inventer, musician, linguist, calligrapher, political scientist, agronomist, architect,HVAC engineer, world traveler, politician, slave owner, astronomer, president, vice president, historian, philanthropist
author, and on and on. As a theologian, he was every bit as much as Albert Schwitzer and his "Quest for the Historical Jesus", or Herr Doctors Rudolph Bultmann and and Karl Jaspers and their Entmythologerung as the "Jefferson's Bible" at left demonstrates.  So when Jefferson, or any person, labors -- true, intermittantly -- over a decade on something, we should not dismiss it lightly, for worse yet use it as a "pretext" to prove something it clearly does not say, that some might wish it said -- since it is said that "to take something out of context, is to attempt to use it as a pretext,

The all too seldom unchallanged "aristocrate at the breakfast table' -- and also on the Supreme Court bench -- Oliver Wendell Holmes, dusted of this letter 110 year old letter to the Danbury Baptist Association of Connecticuit, and quoted it badly out of context -- and it has been used as a "pretext' ever since with increasing frequency to make the 1st Amendment against the freedom of religion to become "freedom from religion."  Thus, turning it upside down and inside out, (just of Rabbi Adiva with the "oral torah" -- and often told by the rabbi's themselves, see rabbi Daniel Gafni of the Hebrew Universy, and as the Gentile Christian Church Fathers did when they "converted" the Jewish Religion of Jew Yeshua haMashiach of Y'israel and his Jewish Talmidim, into the anti-semetic Religion about Jesus -- and his mother Marium, Mother of God, and his Pappa -- the Pope, and his ecleastical institutiohn(s) the visible "Church Universial" in all of its manifestitations.  But maybe I digress, (or maybe not).