PeaceMaking Seminars

Perhaps the most important task in the world today, and not just for Christians, is Peacemaking.

Peacemaking, not just in obvious places today like Iraq and Afghanistan, the Congo and Mali, Miramar and Ceylon, Georgia and Timbuktu, and the like, but not just also in our urban center ghettos of color, but also even in the pews of our mainline protestant denominations, like Presbyterians  and Episcopalian, that are tearing themselves apart over issues that Sar Shalom, the Prince of Peace, whose examples like his greeting the woman at the well and the woman caught in the very act of adultery seem to be completely ignored especially by the most vocal protagonists.  And indeed especially in our own homes formed, supposedly, "until death do us part" -- half of which are terminated within the first few years -- and surprisingly divorcing even after a silver anniversary, and perhaps even more ominously separations, with children, among couples who have never married, al la Hollywood or the Scandinavian Countries -- and increasingly elsewhere as well.  And finally, perhaps, peacemaking within oneself, where indeed we may wish to begin..

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Peacemaking with self

Here's something to think about, even if you are an a-thiest (without God):  Have you ever seen any other animal -- literally or figuratively -- "kicking themselves" because of something they either did or did not do about which they are ashamed and/or very unhappy?

Do you know of any human being who does NOT kick themselves -- regularly! -- for something they "are" or "are not," something they have or have not 'achieved.  For example, suicide is one of the leading causes of death among teenagers -- especially teenagers with "sexual identity problems."  It is also one of the highest causes of death within the GLBTQ (Gay Lesbian Transgender Bisexual Queer) community.  But members of the GLBTQ "community" are not the only ones who are often unhappy with themselves, (and others?).

We all, in the Christian Community "have fallen short of the Glory of God."  Why?  Humankind has a memory -- a very long memory.  We all remember our hopes, our wishes, or goals -- which we seldom achieve.  If we all are to "live" with our failures, our unrealized dreams, or promises to ourselves and others, -- which we do not fulfill -- we need, we must -- have some way to forgive ourselves (and perhaps equally others?), or we will be absolutely miserable, to ourselves and others.

Even an a-thiest, a secular humanist -- perhaps especially -- surely sees the need for forgiveness.  Forgiveness of both ourselves and others. But how?  Even a creative secular humanist-a-thiest, if s/he thinks about it for a while -- recognized humankind's (dis?)ability for remembrance of "failure" must creatively conclude that if a "forgiving" forgetting merciful God, -- if s/he did not exist, -- ought to be created to teach, perhaps even indoctrinate, people to forgive both themselves and others, -- or millions of people might be killing themselves -- and others? -- unless they can learn to forgive, forget -- or in the words of the delightful song:  "Pick themselves up and start all over again!"
Isn't the the essence of "peacemaking" not only with self, but with other as well?  Forgiveness!

Think of every place where people are killing others, or themselves, and perhaps especially both: killing themselves and others at the same time.

Are they "practicing" Forgiveness?  Are they following their own religions' call for forgiveness?  For Peacemaking?

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