Stupak Amendment

The Issue Ain't Abortion, Stupid! (If I may paraphrase Clinton on the Economy)                            created  11-11-11-11--09

Although the words of the amendment -- and the discussion and controversy around it --  indeed framed on Prenatal Abortion, there was an event last night whose time,-- hour and minute -- are equally historic to the date of this post's initiation time -- 9:11 pm -- that proved that Abortion, per se, was not the real or whole issue.  What, then is the whole whole issues.  To that I'll return to paraphrasing "Willie Jefferson" again:

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"Many a truth
were spoke in jest."
-- Willie Shakespear

Life's the issue,stupid!

Since this is at least begun on a "religious" website, -- though not a Holiness, Pentecostal or Evangelical one, though one with which "they" may grudgingly agree, (even though its nominally from on of the dying "frozen chosen" suicidal fratricidal mainline denominations} -- perhaps I should "proof text" some of what is said with a quote or paraphrase from the Greek Scriptures, (perhaps not as irreverently as I have paraphrased William Jefferson Clinton:

Pontious Pilot said, []:  "What is Truth/Life?"

The event last night at 9:11pm, of course was the  "biblical" end or termination of the life of [] Muhammad -- "biblical" because it comes as close as this once Christian nation can come to the fulfillment of two Hebrew Scripture commandments as possible, (since "our"  supersessionism and "replacement theology"  permits neither the "blood avengers" of [] nor the parents (and those in loco parentes)  to perform their task, and while DC (and of course also NYC) are indeed -- unfortunately -- "cities of refuge" for answers to the question:  "When does life begin?"

On this there is no agreement.  For example, (I am told) that the Chinese have historically counted a new born as 1 year old.  At the other extreme, late term abortion doctors  can reposition a fetus in the womb and bring the fetus -- by the way, what is the English translation of the Latin word "Fetus?"  Baby? -- and while the whole  body is evacuated from the womb, but not the head, insert into the neck a pair of sharp sizers on both sides of the neck and cut the baby-soft spinal column before that -- and the mother -- get to hear the scream of the fetus and see it opening eyes, they terminating the lift of the" protoplasm" or "apengage" with no more thought about it than cutting fingernails, a hangnail, an appendix or a tonsillectomy, at the mother's request, (removing the "growth" in much the same casualness as the placenta).